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Wellness Programs Haven't Kept Up With Technology
Adverse Selection
Current wellness programs usually help employees who are already healthy and well. A government study found that only 20% of employees participate in wellness programs.
Data Misuse
Employee data collected in many wellness programs is used for invasive and discriminatory purposes that lead to a lack of trust.
Narrow Focus
Wellness programs focus on motivating employees on a single category of wellness, as opposed to the complete picture.
No Clear ROI
Participation and engagement in wellness programs is difficult to track and does not provide employers with accurate predictions for return on investment
Striive is Reinventing Wellness Programs
Striive motivates all employees based on their personal goals. This way all employees can feel rewarded for their wellness accomplishments.
Ethical Standards
We are committed to ethical use of wellness data. Given this focus we have core principles including accountability in data collection and use, adoption of gold standard practices for data security and many others.
Holistic Approach
Striive rewards employees for their exercise, mindfulness, nutrition and sleep. By rewarding all categories of wellness Striive is able to reward the complete healthy employee.
Data-Driven Results
By measuring the engagement and data of employees active during campaigns, Striive can determine the ROI of wellness initiatives.
The Employee Wellness Experience of Your Dreams
Striive is reimagining employee wellness. We’ve taken the flawed systems and innovated new ways to simplify the process while offering tangible results.
Create Wellness Games
Easily create different games that take a holistic approach including goals for exercise, mindfulness, nutrition and sleep.
Reward Accomplishments
As employees complete wellness games and individualized challenges they can earn points to redeem gift cards to their favourite brands like Nike, lululemon, Starbucks and many more.
Engage Employees
Understand your employees through periodic surveys and engage them through content covering all aspects of wellness.
Measure Success
Follow wellness campaigns through in-depth analytics and automatically receive reports summarizing to help undestand where to improve your wellness initiatives.
Rethinking your Wellness Strategy?
Learn about ways to optimize your wellness initiatives through the Striive platform eBook. Enhancing Workplace Wellness with Striive.
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